Evangelism through Medicine

About Us

Caring Partners International (CPI) exists to help those in need. More than 80 percent of the world’s people are in need of basic health care services… and 100% are in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our approach to helping those in need is to dramatically change their circumstances by providing them with urgently needed medical supplies and materials, education, better trained health care providers, and front-line primary patient care.

CPI reaches out to individuals in need by working with Christian nationals from around the globe. Networks in numerous countries have been established which meet physical and economic deficiencies, while also serving to further the Lord's work.

Medical Mission Trips

Each year, we send 3-5 volunteer health care teams to several work sites around the world including Cuba, Nicaragua and Ecuador to treat patients, train and teach local health care providers, deliver medical supplies, and share the Word of God. These trips represent an important part of our global medical mission.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Another part of our focus has been on shipping large quantities of donated medical supplies to regions throughout the world that are in desperate need. We maintain a large warehouse in southwestern Ohio where we have nearly one hundred local volunteers who inventory, refurbish, and prepare for shipment hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical supplies and equipment each year.

Tri-State Care Network

Caring Partners created and launched a community care program in SW Ohio in 2011. The Network is a coolaition of church, ministries, and faith-based community organizations that serve the 'least of these' in the most needed areas in our local communities. 

TLC Child Sponsorship Program

Additionally, Caring Partners is involved in another high-impact program that collects funds to sponsor individual children in Guatemala. This endeavor, called TLC, is designed to give economic and spiritual help to school children who are attending evangelical churches throughout Guatemala.

For more information about the ministries of Caring Partners, we invite you to View Our Ministry Video.