How We Minister:

Please Complete The 3 Step Process Below

Steps for your Church team to receive a CPI Medical Kit:

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Step 1. Medical Kit Request Form

Send Caring Partners a completed “Medical Kit Request Form” at least SIX WEEKS prior to your Mission Trip date.

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Step 2. Available Items

Review the “Available Kit Items” listing on the web site (Please note: our inventory changes on a daily basis – not all items may be available when your church submits a Request). 

Please mark the items you desire to receive directly on the Medical Kit Request Form and our staff will note this and contact you with any questions or specifics.  If your church team has an additional medical material or equipment request, note this also.

Caring Partners will notify you when your Medical Kit is prepared.  If a representative of your church or your mission team is unable to come to our location to pick-up the Kit, please supply CPI with a U.S. physical address where your Kit can be shipped. (Your church will need to reimburse CPI for shipping costs)

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Step 3. Medical Kit Follow-up Report

No more than THREE WEEKS after your Mission Trip, Caring Partners requests your Mission Team or US Church Leader to complete the “Medical Kit Follow-Up Report”.

Questions?  Please contact Andrew Wienhoff at or via telephone, (937) 743-2744.


"...Jesus said....into whatever city you enter...heal the sick that are there, and say unto them, the Kingdom of God is come near unto you." (Luke 10)