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Taking the Love of Christ to the Children

Taking the Love of Christ to the Children

TLC Program Overview

Caring Partners International has operated a sponsorship program in Guatemala for more than 15 years. We call our program TLC, an acronym for Taking the Love of Christ to the Children. We believe the approach our program takes in selecting our children for sponsorship is unique.  As Galatians 6:10 instructs us, "...let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith."   Bearing in mind this scripture, we select children for sponsorship only if they are both in school and church.  We believe that by revealing Christ's love through our sponsorship dollars; we can spiritually strengthen and encourage these children and their families. 

The cost to sponsor a child in the TLC program is $360/year, which can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. The funds you send for your child are used to pay the cost of school fees, uniforms, supplies and lunches.  To us, these may seem like minor purchases, but often these costs are enough to prohibit many children from attending school, especially when many families need their children to work in order to contribute to the family income.

We encourage sponsors and their children to correspond to each other.  The first time you read a thank-you letter from your youngster you'll be able to realize the true "gift" you are giving your child - a real sense of Christ's love manifested through your kindness and generosity.  Mail any letters, photos and cards to our office and we'll make sure they are translated and sent along with your funds.  


"...Jesus said....into whatever city you enter...heal the sick that are there, and say unto them, the Kingdom of God is come near unto you." (Luke 10)