Trip Evaluation


Please complete within 2 weeks of returning from your trip.


Rate how much you Agree or Disagree with the statements below.

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The trip was:
This team encouraged the local church members, pastor, and/or missionary.
Taking into consideration our limited pharmaceutical formulary and diagnostic capabilities, this team delivered quality healthcare.
This team showed God's love through our actions.
This team showed God's love through our words.
This team provided each person an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
This team was unified and positive.
I was a valued member of the team.
I contributed toward the trip goals.
I was equipped to face the challenges encountered in the Clinic.
I was confident in my role in the Clinic.
I was welcomed by the local church.
CPI's model of "Evangelism through Medicine" was appropriate in this setting.
The team leaders were well prepared.
The team leaders helped me feel secure.
The team leaders encouraged and valued me.
The team leaders fostered a safe and unified team environment.
Our leaders modeled Christ-like leadership.
I was pleased by the hotel/lodging.
The transportation to the country was satisfactory.
The transportation in country was satisfactory.
The food provided was satisfactory.
The church services were good.
The ministry opportunities were appropriate.
The devotions were good.
The free day was well planned.
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