General Donation Guidelines

Most unused or sterilized non-proprietary medical supplies found in any U.S. clinic or hospital setting can be recycled for use by clinicians in need overseas. If time permits, the medical supplies you desire to donate should be sorted by type and placed in separate plastic bags or boxes. If not, Caring Partners International (CPI) has staff members and volunteers to sort the items upon arrival at our warehouse. 

Many groups in our area conduct medical mission work. If your facility receives a request for supplies from another mission group or health care provider, please feel free to refer them to Caring Partners. We have an 8,000 square foot warehouse filled with supplies that we share with groups across the globe.

Medical Equipment Guidelines

(Please Call Ahead For All Equipment Donations)

  • If possible, all accessories and manuals should be included with equipment.

  • Most developing countries prefer equipment that is simple and easy to use.

  • Mechanical tables and equipment are preferred over equipment that is dependent upon electricity to operate.

  • Equipment that requires electricity to operate should function on both 50 and 60 Hz or be easily convertible to different voltage and frequency inputs.

More information regarding donation guidelines can be reviewed by downloading our Guidelines to Better Giving Brochure.