Medical Kit Program

Caring Partners has instituted a Medical Kit Program to provide quality medical supplies to mission-minded Christian churches at no cost, other than shipping and handling fees.  If your church's finances allow, please consider donating a love offering to the ministry of Caring Partners. Your gift would be a great blessing as Caring Partners could not continue this life-saving Medical Kit Program without the generous contributions of churches and individuals. Please note that the Kit Program is to support the work of church sponsored short-term mission teams, and generally are limited to 50 lbs of medical supplies. (If prescription medications or toiletry products are requested, the Kit may possibly exceed 50 lbs). If your church desires to receive larger quantities of medical supplies to support a long-term project, or a specific facility, please contact Andrew Wienhoff directly at (937) 743-2744 or at

For more than twenty years, Caring Partners International (CPI) has been privileged to witness first-hand the blessings of providing medical supplies to men, women, and children in desperate need around the world.  These life-saving materials have been the cornerstone of CPI’s mission to demonstrate God’s love to the hurting. Today, our ministry desires to partner with your church to expand this incredible outreach.

Pre-selected medical supplies and materials are available in “Kit” form to your church’s travel teams, whether they are work camp, hands-on medical care, or teaching/training teams. The Kits will contain some of the basic supplies necessary for field medicine.

Caring Partners prepares these Kits for the purpose of “Evangelism Through Medicine™”.  Our desire is that these supplies will be used to aid those with physical needs, but will also open doors for the Mission Team, Missionary, or local church Pastor to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With sufficient advance notice, these Kits may be assembled with specifically requested items.

These are available at no cost, (excluding shipping and handling); however, as mentioned, a love offering to help defray the expenses of this program would be greatly appreciated.

Would you like to make a donation to Caring Partners? Please click on the buttons below to review our guidelines and the needed materials.